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A big plan must goes along with a great motivation and a little craziness, Mr. Johnny Lê Mạnh Hùng, the Director of Sunviet, was born and raised in the North part of Vietnam, in a small village. He decided to travel all the way from his hometown to Sai Gon, the neon light city of Vietnam, with just his backpack and 1 month expenses amount, nothing else besides his indestructible thought “I will have a better job there in Saigon than this small village”.

Luckily, he did get a job in a Tourism company, where he worked as a Tour operator for small to medium foreign groups, with all the experience from this job he gained more relationships, connections and earned a new sight for the Vietnam tourism at this time.

He understands that the most troublesome for tourists when coming into Vietnam is the Visa process, and Vietnam documents for staying in the country, so he did some research in Expats communities here in Vietnam and have some meetings to clarify their needs and requirements.

In September 2009, Mr. Johnny opened Sunviet Travel Company Limited or also called
Vietnam Visa Expert – Sunviet.
At the dawn of Sunviet, Mr. Johnny himself did all the work from delivery, process, filling in all the forms, receiving and returning the result. With his non-stopping spirit, he finally rented the Sunviet first office on Level 7, Smart view building, No.163 Tran Hung Dao street, Co Giang Ward, District 1. Although the office is not on the street but inside a building, Sunviet’s clients find it is very convenient for them since it is close to Bui Vien street, backpackers area of Sai Gon.

In the middle of 2012, Mr. Johnny opened the Sunviet branch office in Hanoi, to provide Visa services for expats in the North, according to many requests from clients there. Continue Sunviet development, we changed the Saigon office to Level 5, Lam Giang Tower, 167 Tran Hung Dao street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, as you can noticed the new office building is located right next to the old one, with more space and more beautiful view, and this office brings us a lot of comments from the clients so we keep staying there until present.
After a decay in the Visa industry, Sunviet team went through hard and thin, up and down, but no matter what, we still hold on tight and un-stop evolving day by day. And in July 2020, with all the attempts, we officially have Sunviet Da Nang branch office.

Keeping the quality of services, Sunviet takes care of every order seriously and feedback from clients are all the facts to maintain good services, happy clients, satisfied partners.
Besides he main service Vietnam visa, many other services from Sunviet are also well known by Vietnam expats, such as: Temporary resident card, Work permit, Converting driving license, Visa to other countries for foreigner in VIetnam, Criminal record certificate/ Police check, Consular legalization, Notarized translation, marriage certificate, birth certificate…

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