New Work Permit
Renewing Work Permit
Changing the company sponsor
Work Permit with lack of procedure (Power service)
Support services for Work Permit
1/ New Work Permit

Foreigners who wish to work long term in Vietnam, you should apply for a Work permit. This permit can let you work legally in Vietnam, without any problems.

For applying Work Permit in Vietnam, you have to have a Vietnam company sponsor, and the service fee will be different according to your company sponsor location.

Besides, you can obtain for Labor visa, Labor Temporary resident card (A lot of benefits comes along with the TRC) according to your Work permit, or obtain for other countries visa within Vietnam.

Processing time: 1.5 month

Procedure: Work permit Procedure

2/ Renewing Work Permit

Renewing Work permit is for whom already have a Work Permit, but their Work permit is going to be expired soon, so the procedure for Renewing Work Permit will be easier than applying New Work Permit.

*For renewing your Work Permit, you have to start the Renewing process before your current Work permit expired 1 – 1.5 month. Otherwise, you will have to process a new Work permit all over again. So please keep this policy in mind, and arrange everything in time.


Processing time: 1 – 1.5 month

Procedure: Renewing Work permit Procedure

3/ Changing Company Sponsor

If you want to change your company sponsor for your next Work permit, you also have to process it 1-1.5 month before the current Work Permit expired.

The procedure will be the same as applying for new Work Permit, and you don’t have to leave Vietnam to change Company sponsor, Sunviet can help you to do this within Vietnam.

Note: One worker can holds 2-3 Work permits sponsored by different companies at the same time. If you already had 2 Vietnam work permit before, you don’t have to provide 3-year experience certificate for the next Work Permit procedure, you can use the 2 old Work permit to replace it.

4/ Work Permit with lack of procedure (Power service)

Sunviet can help you to apply for Work Permit, even you cannot provide the full procedure.

Processing time: 1- 1.5 month

Notice: This is Power service, please contact Sunviet for more information and detail quotation.

5/ Support services for Work Permit

Criminal Record/ Police check
Consular legalize
Translation 35 language

Sunviet's long-term Clients

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