Spouse Resident card

Spouse resident card is for Expats who got marriage to a Vietnamese, and already had Marriage certificate.

Validity: 1-3 years

Process: 7 working days (Except Sat & Sun)

Urgent process TRC: 1 – 3 days (Please contact us)



Spouse Resident card Procedure (Link to download)

For more information, please feel free to contact Sunviet



What are the benefits of having a TRC in Vietnam?

  1. You can buy and own an apartment in Vietnam
  2. Your wife/ husband or your children can obtain the same TRC with you
  3. You can open a bank account in Vietnam
  4. You can use this TRC to apply all other country visa from Vietnam
  5. You can use the card to take the domestic flight, and some other works here in Vietnam without the original passport
  6. With Temporary residence card you don’t need to process any Vietnam visa or pay any other visa fees within the temporary residence card validity
  7. You only register your residence with the local police station where you are living in Vietnam once time for the whole card validity
  8. You can save many passport pages if you are holding a temporary residence card for 2-5 years
Service Other
Investor resident card is for Expats who invested in a Vietnam company. Notice: ...
Labor resident card is for Expats who are working in Vietnam, and already had Vietnam Work permit.