New policies after “Social distancing campaign” – April 23.

– The Immigration department and other departments open again, and receive applications for: Visa extension inside Vietnam, Temporary resident card, Work permit
– Some kind of necessary services, stores, restaurant can go back to business
– The new policies for “Social distancing campaign” will be more flexible to adapt the better situation in Vietnam (No new COVID-19 case in the last 6-7 days)

*Important: 1/ For foreigners who having their visa expired during the “Social distancing campaign” still can extend their visa, but their new visa term still start from their visa expired date, not start from the apply date.
2/ For those who are on E-visa, Visa free 15-30 days, tourist visa, and could not exit Vietnam because of the pandemic, you can go to Vietnam immigration to get visa extension if your consulate/ embassy agreed to sponsor for your visa (Required the certified on NA5 form from your consulate/ embassy). More details on this policy please visit this link:…/Guidelines-on-ext…/20204/39503.vgp
*Although there are some policies to support foreigners during the disease season, but please do not be careless on your visa term. You still should arrange ahead and extend your visa before it end, if you cannot do this, please contact a visa agency to help you (At least they know how to follow the rules).
The Immigration is working as a system, not personal decisions, so if you overstayed your visa too long without a clear reason, no policy can support you, you might be putted into Blacklist.
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