Latest update on Entry permission and Quarantine time

*Quarantine period for all Skilled workers and Business owners to entry Vietnam has increased to 21 days period.
>>> Due to alot of COVID-19 cases are infected after released from the quarantine place, and COVID-19 situation in Vietnam is expanding at the present, clients please be careful and arrange your plan accordingly. <<<
Sunviet is still processing Entry approval letters for Skilled workers and Business owners right before the Tet holiday.
*Entry package included Entry approval letter, 3 months Business visa, 14 day hotel quarantine, CDC approval and transportation.
*Urgent Services before Tet holiday:
Entry approval letter, Urgent CDC approval, Urgent visa extension, Urgent TRC…
Hotline: +84 (0) 912 565 368 (Phone, viber, whatsapp, Zalo…)
Email: [email protected]
*Youtube & *FB page/ *Instagram/ *Twitter: Vietnam visa Expert – Sunviet
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