How to Switch to Investor TRC/ Visa in Vietnam?

How to Switch to Investor TRC/ Visa in Vietnam?

Sunviet can help you to switch from:

*Tourist visa (DL) —> Investor TRC/ visa
*Visitor, Dependent visa (TT, VR) —> Investor TRC/ visa
*Business visa (DN) —> Investor TRC/ visa
*5 year visa exemption —> Investor TRC/ visa

*Notice: According to new policy in July 2020, if your investment amount is below 3 billion Vietnamese dong, you can only get 1 year Investor visa – the category is DT4 (Visa stamp on your passport) not a separate Temporary resident card.

>>> If you want to have a longer staying term and separate TR card with small capital, please feel free to contact Sunviet for more service details and guidelines. <<<
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