How to do 3 months Tourist visa extension?

How to do 3 months Tourist visa extension?
*Switching from tourist visa to Business visa inside Vietnam*
According to the new law, starting from Sep 1st, 2020, all the Tourist visa holders inside Vietnam, can only extend 1 month each time, cannot do 3 months extension like before.
**However, Sunviet now can help you to do 3 months extension inside Vietnam**
Step 1: Find a Vietnam company sponsor (Any of your friends who own a Vietnam company here, or your employer company)
Step 2: Contact Sunviet for 3 months visa extension
Step 3: Sunviet will help you to switch from Tourist visa to Business visa 3 months, right inside Vietnam, no requirement of exiting or doing border run at all
Process: 8-9 working days
Fee: Good price for long term clients
*After changing to a Business visa, you can continue to extend it many times afterward with cheaper prices, enjoying benefits from Business visa here (Stay long term in Vietnam, Working, Opening a Vietnam company…)
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