How to be a legal worker in 2020?

Get Vietnam work permit now to work legal in Vietnam.
Then you can get 2 years Temporary resident card according to your Work permit.
>>>Your wife/ husband, children can obtain the same Temporary resident card with you
*How many work permit can you get?
*You can get 4-5 Work permits at different companies at the same time in Vietnam.
– You can work part time at 4 – 5 companies, and get 4-5 work permit at the same time
*When will you need to process the Work permit renewal?
You should process the work permit extension before 2 months of the expired date with very easy procedure. (Please contact us for detail Procedure requirement)
– The normal processing: 1.5 month
If you process the work permit extension late (less than 1 month before the expired date), you will have to process a new work-permit, a lot of required documents, very complicated, and waste of time.
Besides, you also have to obtain a new visa within the processing for new work- permit.

*If you process the work permit on time, you will have time to get the new temporary residence card or many other documents that an expat required to stay legally in Vietnam.
***Supporting Services:
-Criminal record No.1 or No.2 to add on procedure for Work Permit
-Consular Legalization and Public Notary translation (35 languages)
-Free pickup and Delivery Service at customers’s address
-Obtaining for Temporary Residence Card according to customer’s Work Permit (Spouse TRC, Investor TRC)
-Get Vietnam Working Visa for Expats


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