Marriage Certificate

Find out about the legal requirements for getting married in Vietnam:

  1. Anybody can get married in Vietnam as long as they are living in Vietnam
  2. The woman is over 18 years old and the man is over 20 years old
  3. Neither the man nor the woman has a spouse under Vietnamese law
  4. Both partners are mentally capable of making independent decisions
  5. The couple does not have blood relatives in three generations

What are documents require?

Note: Two copies in Vietnamese of all documents are needed. They must then be submitted by one or both applicants to the Department of Justice in the area of residence. An application via a third party is not accepted.

  1. Fill in the marriage application form
  2. Proof of marital status – an applicant must prove their single or divorced status, or that their spouse is deceased, with a document issued by their home country. This document must be dated no earlier than six months before the date when the marriage documents are submitted.

*Note: All the documents issued in another country, have to Consular legalized before using in Vietnam

  1. Medical certificate – this can be issued by a competent organization in Vietnam and must be dated no earlier than six months before the date when the marriage document is submitted. It must certify that the applicants are not suffering from a mental illness or any other illness that impedes independent decision making
  2. Certified copy of personal identity – Vietnamese citizens
  3. Certified copy of  household registration certificates or resident registration – Vietnamese citizens
  4. Passport or resident card – foreigners and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad
  5. Temporary/Permanent resident card – foreigners residing in Vietnam


Present at the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice has the ability to:

  • Interviewing and recording applicants, to ensure they have no mental illness and volunteer for the marriage.

Within 25-40 working days after receiving the documents and fee, the Department of Justice issues its decision.

Once the marriage certificate has been signed by the Head of the Provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Justice will arrange a civil marriage within five working days.


Please contact Sunviet for more detail information and the exact fee

For checking the exact fee, please advise us these information:

  • What is the nationality of the foreign partner?
  • Where is the Vietnamese partner Household registration issue at? In what province, city?
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