Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is the most important document that your baby need in Vietnam, so please issue it when you gave birth to your baby in Vietnam.


Step 1: Live Birth certificate (Delivery certificate) – Issued by the Hospital

Step 2: Go to the Father/ Mother country embassy get the Affidavit (Choose your baby nationality)

*Skip this step if you choose Vietnam nationality firstly

Step 3: Issuing Vietnam Birth certificate for your baby



Step 4: There are 2 cases:

Case 1: For Foreign parents, please decide your baby nationality (Father’s or Mother’s): Go to the father/ mother’s country embassy to process paper works and make passport for your baby

Case 2: For Half Foreign parent, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can choose Vietnam nationality in the first place by going to Vietnam Immigration and make passport for your baby. You can now go to the Father/ Mother country embassy to get second nationality for your baby (According to each country citizen policy)


  1. Or you can choose other nationality for your baby in the first place. You can go to the embassy/ consulate of the father/ mother’s side to process paper works and make passport for your baby. *But if you chose other nationality rather than Vietnam in the first place, the documents and process to apply for Vietnam nationality later (If you want you baby to have dual-citizenship) will be harder to make, also take a lot of time too.



Step 5: There are 2 cases:

For Foreign parent or Half Foreign parent chose other nationality for the baby: Get Vietnam visa, so your baby can exit Vietnam or stay in Vietnam legally with you (According to the parent’s visa category)

For Half Foreign parent chose Vietnam nationality in the first place: Your baby now have dual citizenship, your baby can exit Vietnam with Vietnam passport, and entry the Father/ Mother country by the other passport.


Please contact Sunviet for more detail information.

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