Private visa letter for all clients (POWER SUNVIET)

Power Sunviet–Private Visa letter for every client from now–No surcharge

According to Immigration policy, Visa letter will be issued as a list of applicants, not issued individually. Because of this policy, a lot clients have to share their personal information with others applicants on the visa letter.

“Sunviet knows that client’s information is confidential and needed to be secured, so we update our Visa letter service.”

>>>>>>> From now on, Sunviet offer for all clients “Private Visa letter” for Free (No surcharge) – Only your name/ your group will be on the visa letter (Not a list of people, not a 4-5 pages Visa letter anymore)

! Only Sunviet can make this happen, Power Sunviet offer Solo service for our beloved clients!

All clients apply visa letter via Sunviet will have Private visa letter (No exception)

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